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2012 Candidates
Boyer, Paul (Republican - Dist 20) Arizona House
Boyer, Paul
Phone:  (480) 577-0078
Leg. Phone:  (602) 926-4173
Fax:  (602) 417-3153
Address:  2244 W Michigan Ave
  Phoenix, AZ 85023
Age:  38 (born:05/06/77, Phoenix, AZ)
Arizona since:  Birth
Occupation:  Professor, University of Phoenix; supervisor of district communication, Mesa Public Schools, 2011; communications specialist, Arizona House of Representatives, 2008-2011; legislative liaison, AZ Dept of Corrections, 2005-2008.
Marital:  Divorced
Religious pref:  Christian
Education:  Currently working on M.A., philosophy, ASU; M.A., communication studies, ASU, 2011; B.A., English, ASU, 2003; Calvary Chapel Bible College, 1998; Palo Verde Christian High School, 1995.
Pol exp incl:  Precinct committeeman, 2006-2008 & 2011-2012; field representative, Bush Cheney 04 Inc., 2004; intern, Congressman John Shadegg, 2003.
Legis exp:  House since 2013.
Memb have incl:  Bd member, AZ Humanities Council; AZ School Public Relations Assn; Assn of School Business Officials Int’l.
Interests:  Mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, weightlifting, Greek & Latin, philosophy.
Political influence:  The most influential person in my political development is former House Speaker Kirk Adams. I admire his tireless work ethic, his thoughtful approach to policy, and his ability to steer Arizona through the worst fiscal crisis in state history to where we now have over $2 billion in our state operating fund for the first time since 2007. I don’t know of anyone else at the state level that could have dug us out of such a deep fiscal hole as Kirk did, and I hope he wins his seat for Congress.
Job creation measures:  Tax revenues follow economic growth, not higher tax rates. I will work towards encouraging economic growth through a competitive tax code, lessen regulations and make the cost of doing business as low and predictable as possible for our business owners, the majority of which in Arizona have small businesses. I will look proactively for ways to reduce any unnecessary regulatory burdens and help reduce the time it takes to obtain permits and licenses so new or existing businesses can thrive.
Top issues:  I will concentrate on limiting the size of government wherever necessary. Government has become too intrusive, and it should exist merely to provide for core, necessary services. I will closely monitor the great legislation we have already passed including the Jobs bill (HB2001), the Teaching and Principal Effectiveness bill (HB2823) along with the Regulatory Bill of Rights (SB1598) to see if there’s anything more we can do to ensure the success of businesses, education and all Arizonans. I also intend on making myself available to the media and communicating the several issues that occur on any given day at the Capitol.
Prop 100 sales tax extension:  I do not favor extending the temporary sales tax since we should honor the commitment we made to Arizona voters that said the tax would only last for three years. However, I support HCR2056, which will give voters an opportunity to fund education without extending the current tax or include any new General Fund spending. If voters support this at the ballot, next year’s distribution would be $62.4 million for K-12 education.
Illegal immigration:  Our border must be secured. As a state, we are limited in what role we can play in border security, however, we must do all we can to ensure that we do not incentivize those who are here illegally and protect those who are here legally. Further, we must work with our Arizona congressional delegation to ensure we're doing all we can on a federal level to secure our border.
Background & experience:  I have spent several years serving the state of Arizona prior to beginning this run for the Legislature in Glendale/North Phoenix. I spent three years as legislative liaison with the Arizona Department of Corrections before becoming a policy advisor and communications specialist for Republicans in the State House of Representatives. While most non-incumbents will need on-the-job training, I will hit the ground running and will continue my work of supporting the members although now as a colleague and not a staffer.
Pro-life / pro-choice:  I am strongly pro-life. I believe that any woman seeking an abortion should receive the complete and accurate information she needs before making a decision to abort her child. It is standard practice for virtually every other medical surgical procedure that a physician communicates with their patient all information, including the available alternatives, before the patient consents. The same should apply to abortion. I believe abortion providers should be required to show the mother to be her ultrasound unless she does not want to see it. I also believe no taxpayer dollars should go towards funding abortion.
One last thing:  I am an Arizona native who grew up in the West Valley, attended Deer Valley High School, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from ASU West with a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in communication studies. I am currently in the M.A. philosophy program at ASU and am pursuing a Ph.D. in analytic philosophy. I currently work for Mesa Public Schools as the Supervisor of District Communications. I love the Grand Canyon and have hiked it rim to rim to rim six times with my best time at 24 hours. My dream is to one day climb el Capitan.
Campaign Details 
Campaign Finance:  private
Election Result: won General
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