LOLA Thursday, Aug 11 2022
2022: 55th Legislature - 2nd Regular Session
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Bill Histories

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House Bills
House Memorials and Resolutions

H2001 through H2050

H2051 through H2100

H2101 through H2150

H2151 through H2200

H2201 through H2250

H2251 through H2300

H2301 through H2350

H2351 through H2400

H2401 through H2450

H2451 through H2500

H2501 through H2550

H2551 through H2600

H2601 through H2650

H2651 through H2700

H2701 through H2750

H2751 through H2800

H2801 through H2850

H2851 through H2900

Senate Bills
Senate Memorials and Resolutions

S1001 through S1050

S1051 through S1100

S1101 through S1150

S1151 through S1200

S1201 through S1250

S1251 through S1300

S1301 through S1350

S1351 through S1400

S1401 through S1450

S1451 through S1500

S1501 through S1550

S1551 through S1600

S1601 through S1650

S1651 through S1700

S1701 through S1750

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