Fifty-fifth Legislature                                                Government

Second Regular Session                                                  S.B. 1357




(Reference to printed bill)


Page 1, line 5, after "emergency" insert "; violation; classification"

Page 2, between lines 17 and 18, insert:

"G. The secretary of state shall ensure that vote recording and vote tabulating machines and devices approved for use PURSUANT to this SECTION:

1. are Not capable of registering fractional votes.

2. are Not capable of having a positive or negative number set on or loaded into the machine or device before the machine or device is accessed for lawfully tabulating ballots.  A person who knowingly sets a false number in the machine or device is guilty of a class 5 FELONY.

3. Comply with uniform statewide standards, settings and calibrations REGARDING the sensitivity of the machine or device. 

H. The department of public safety shall provide qualified independent compliance officers who may inspect any election EQUIPMENT to verify its accuracy and compliance with the law. The independent compliance officers may select at random the facilities and EQUIPMENT to inspect at any time during voting or tabulating.

I. Election EQUIPMENT that is certified for use with a specific software update or security patch may not be reset or REVERTED to an earlier version of the software or security patch unless approved by the county board of supervisors. The county board of supervisors shall document that change and make that information publicly available. a person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor."

Reletter to conform

Page 2, after line 26, insert:

"Sec. 2. Section 16-1021, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE16-1021. Enforcement by attorney general and county, city or town attorney

A. In any election for state office, members of the legislature, justices of the supreme court, judges of the court of appeals or statewide initiative or referendum the attorney general may enforce the provisions of this title through civil and criminal actions. In any election for county, city or town office, community college district governing board, judge or county, city or town initiative or referendum, the appropriate county, city or town attorney may enforce the provisions of this title through civil and criminal actions. In any special district election, the county attorney of any county in which the district or a portion of the district is located or the attorney general may enforce the laws governing such election.

B. For any violation of this title, each ballot affected or each election data file deleted constitutes a separate offense."END_STATUTE

Amend title to conform







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